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Cantonese jyutping input

Write Cantonese letters online without installing Cantonese keyboard (Jyutping Input). This online keyboard allows you to type Cantonese letters using any. Online Cantonese Input Method uses Cantonese romanisation to input This input method uses mainly Sidney Lau's system plus some commonly used. CPIME is the Input Method System which converts Cantonese romanization ( phonetic alphabets) into Cantonese characters. CPIME supports multi romanization.

You can try the Cantonese Phonetic IME at I don't know about specific support for Windows , but it works on prior versions of. Online Jyutping Input Method uses Cantonese romanisation to input Chinese characters. However, Cantonese romanisation has not been standardized and. Jyutping is a romanisation system for Cantonese developed by the Linguistic Society of Hong.

Q: When I go into Settings to add the Cantonese Phonetic input method, it is grayed out and I can't select it. It says "desktop only". I am in desktop mode. Offering a tool to convert Cantonese into jyutping which is the romanisation for Cantonese. Cantonese (Input). Convert. Jyutping (Output). Cantonese to. the reason there's a learning curve is because the Google Input method for Cantonese isn't the same as Jyutping. Typing in Cantonese Chinese (Yale, Jyutping) is not yet officially supported on iOS. To input Cantonese Chinese by speaking to your iPhone (Speech to Text): .